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Meet our Trainer!

Nikolle Storey

At a young age I quickly found my passion for dogs. I grew up surrounded by them, and at the age of twelve I began working at my moms dog daycare. My passion grew over the years, especially as I began caring for foster pups. These guys that came in needing a little extra love stole my heart. This is when I found my passion for training. I went on to earn a degree in Animal care and have also completed an online course through Penn Foster. I have trained under several different trainers with all different styles of training. This has allowed me to gain much knowledge on all the tools from a slip collar to an e-collar. All dogs are different and it is my goal to help you and your pup to build a stronger relationship with better communication. My training experience has taught me that there's no such thing as a bad dog! With patience, clear communication, structure, consistency, and the right tools, anything is possible. My favorite part of training is seeing the light bulb go off in the dogs head and immediately seeing them a little happier and more relaxed.

Training Offered

Level 1- Puppy class 

Each week you will have a homework sheet including what we went over to continue practicing.

We will have weekly goals and goals that will be worked on over the duration of class. 15 Minutes of

each class will be designated to work on teaching your dog a trick! This is a fun way to break up all

the hard work with some fun!

In this class we will cover building a strong relationship with your dog -building engagement, playing games,

enrichment, and beginners’ obedience, leash manners, thresholds, stay, and leave it!

The pups will also work on social skills, we will discuss what appropriate play looks like, body language, play styles, and developmental milestones. We will go over socialization practices and the importance of taking your pup on outings.

Our last class we will also showcase your dogs’ tricks!

Level 2:

This class will continue to build on important foundation skills, while turning up the distraction level a few notches. The class will help prepare owners and dogs on how to successfully navigate any situation, at home and out in public.

Our main focuses will be strengthening listening skills and communication skills, as well as, teaching good manners and expectations in various situations. All while desensitizing them to real world distractions, such as, walkers, runners, bikers, crowds, traffic, dog parks, etc. The first three weeks we will work on strengthening skills such as:

Obedience (sit, down), Impulse (Stay, leave it), On and off leash heel and loose leash, Calm greetings, &Calming skills

*Ultimately this class is tailored to the people taking the class! Our fourth week will be a field trip to see how far we’ve all come!


Level 3:

This class focuses on reinforcing their basic obedience, applying it in new and real-world situations,

and learning how to behave politely in public and any given situation. The class is based off the

Canine Good Citizenship test; sit/down on cue, recall, proper leash walking skills, Heel, Place (settle

mat), leash skills walking through crowds, reaction to dogs and other distractions, accepting friendly

strangers, sitting politely for petting and handling, calm greetings, and jumping/barking. TONS of

distraction work! Each week we will have class somewhere different.

All four classes will be field trips!


Trick/ Agility:

This will be a four-week class that meets once a week. The main goal of this class is to have fun, build confidence in your dog, and strengthen your relationship between you and your pup. The first week we will focus on learning new tricks, some that will tie into agility and others that are just fun! Week two will focus on introducing the agility equipment and using some of the tricks you taught your dog the previous week. The last two weeks we will step the difficulty and have you try more complex tricks and agility skills.

*Ultimately this class is tailored to the people taking the class!

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