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Meet our Trainer!

Nikolle Storey

At a young age I quickly found my passion for dogs. I grew up surrounded by them, and at the age of twelve I began working at my moms dog daycare. My passion grew over the years, especially as I began caring for foster pups. These guys that came in needing a little extra love stole my heart. This is when I found my passion for training. I went on to earn a degree in Animal care and have also completed an online course through Penn Foster. I have trained under several different trainers with all different styles of training. This has allowed me to gain much knowledge on all the tools from a slip collar to an e-collar. All dogs are different and it is my goal to help you and your pup to build a stronger relationship with better communication. My training experience has taught me that there's no such thing as a bad dog! With patience, clear communication, structure, consistency, and the right tools, anything is possible. My favorite part of training is seeing the light bulb go off in the dogs head and immediately seeing them a little happier and more relaxed.

Training Offered


6 week classes for puppies and next level pups available.

Email: for more information!

Day Training:

This is a individualized service that is tailored to you and your dogs specific goals, your pup will get to go on a hike and get all the benefits of daycare while getting a full day of training.

Cost: $55 per day

A Paw Above: (One on One without handler)

We work on strengthening any areas that your pup is struggling with. They will work one on one to build your dog’s listening and communication skills. This may include going to public settings outdoor markets, dog friendly stores, agility courses and hiking trails. Flexible scheduling available.

 Cost: $75 per session

Take the lead:(In-home training with handler)

This Program will help you and your pup successfully communicate together to create a stronger more balanced relationship. Flexible scheduling available.

 Cost: $100 per session

If you have a specific issue that you need worked on let us know and I’m sure we can tailor a training session to help you!

Charlies Friends

Where your dog is a part of our Family!

Get In Touch

T: 207 - 829 - 6580


A: 42 Middle Road Cumberland, Maine


Mon-Fri: 7am-10am, 12pm-1pm, 3pm-6pm

Sat: 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm

Sun: 9am-10am & 2pm-4pm

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